Volker's Dream

virtual reality dreamscape by /p

Volker's Dream is a virtual reality dreamscape about 'Das Nibelungenlied', the virus, and Volker von Alzey. The piece has been created for Oculus Quest, if you have a Quest, you can download the ARpoise Quest apk and load it onto your device.

We also created a teaser movie, to give you an idea what the piece looks like. Volker's Dream is based on a port of the ARpoise software onto Oculus Quest.


Copyright © 2021, /p, https://mission-base.com/p/

Audio book - "Das Nibelungenlied", Deutsch, https://librivox.org/
Audio book - "Nibelungenlied", English, https://librivox.org/
Graphics - "Rosengarten zu Worms", https://digi.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/cpg359/
Music - "Medieval battle free" by Marma Music, https://www.marmamusic.com/
Virus - "Virus Pack 01" by Linder Media, https://linder-media.de/
Unity support - Tamiko Thiel, https://tamikothiel.com/
Arpoise support - https://arpoise.com/