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Featured Project: Unexpected Growth

Augmented Reality Installation by Tamiko Thiel and /p, 2019.

Exhibit in Bad Hombug from November 10th until February 2nd, 2020, as part of ILLUSION NATUR at Museum Sinclair-Haus.

Currently Mission Base includes:

Tamiko Thiel's online portfolio: http://www.mission-base.com/tamiko/

Peter Graf's online portfolio: http://www.mission-base.com/peter/cve.html

Philip Thiel's website on wooden boat designs: http://www.mission-base.com/sea-land-design/

The very beginnings of Midori Kono Thiel's online portfolio of calligraphy: http://www.mission-base.com/midori/

Peter Graf's Free GPL Open Source Software: http://www.mission-base.com/peter/source/ and Arvos - Augmented reality viewer open source

The Richard Feynman / CM-1 T-shirt Memorial Photo Shoot: http://www.mission-base.com/tamiko/cm/tshirt/tshirt.html
(See also Tamiko's website on the Connection Machine: http://www.mission-base.com/tamiko/cm/)

Slash P's website: http://www.mission-base.com/p/

Robert G. Stein's website: http://www.mission-base.com/robertGstein/

The pages dedicated to the memory of Bob Rockwell: http://www.mission-base.com/bob/

Tamiko's and Peter's picture pages: http://www.mission-base.com/pictures/

... and check out the website of Bootswerft Stephan Fischer, Hafenmeister der Marina Bernried, Starnberger See: http://www.bootswerft-fischer.de (in German.)

... and Marlena Corcoran's educational consulting site Athena Mentor http://www.athena-mentor.com

... and the web site of the professional photographer Daniel Samanns (Fotograf) http://www.wetplate-berlin.com

... and the web site of Christoph Reiserer http://www.christophreiserer.net

... and the web site of Susanne Wiegner http://www.susannewiegner.de

... and the web site of Dietmar Elflein http://www.d-elflein.de

... not to mention Lutz Koenecke, ceramic artist / Keramikkünstler Lutz Könecke http://www.lutzkoenecke.de/

... and sound artist Carrie Bodle's websites www.carriebodle.com and www.sonifications.com

... and last but not least the website of Teresa Reuter, architect in Berlin: http://www.architektur-visualisierung-grafik.de.

To find out how to reach us take a look at the Impressum. Datenschutzerklaerung

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